Empowerment of individuals and communities, particularly women and girls, is a central tenet of AMAR’s work and is often most needed by those minority groups who face daily discrimination and economic marginalisation. AMAR achieves this by providing individuals with access to educational and vocational courses and continuous professional development, as well as engaging individuals and communities in the implementation and delivery of projects.

In all education projects, specific modules are included that focus upon human rights, while the main course structure delivers key components in academic skills such as literacy and numeracy, or vocational skills such as engineering or sewing. In addition, the training is taught as part of a group within which participants are able to share common experiences and support each other as they progress onwards.

The increase in confidence associated with the increase of knowledge, alongside the supportive space and new friendships is a central element to the success of AMAR’s education projects. Completion of these courses provides participants with greater self-confidence and they find themselves in a better position to find employment.


“I am 26 years old, and I am a widow. My husband had been killed in violence and vengeance actions which happened in the marshlands of Basra. I was illiterate because I did not have the opportunity to learn. When the AMAR Foundation launched its project in teaching illiterate people reading and writing and some other practical skills, I joined the literacy classes and learnt sewing which was part of the classes’ programme.

I was able to buy a sewing machine and now I have my own clients and an income that helps me to raise my children decently. I support a relatively big family, with 3 daughters and a son, all under 11 years of age. Now I feel that I am good and of use. I will take care of my kids, I will teach them to be hard working people and to keep away from violence and also to be good and clever at their schools.”

– Beneficiary of literacy and sewing classes

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