Donation FAQs

Can I choose to donate money to a specific project, country or item?

Yes. You can always specify where you would like your donation to go. AMAR provides a range of valuable healthcare & education services and your donation will generally go wherever the need is greatest, however we can always try to cater to your specific requests.

How do I cancel my donation?
If you would like to stop a donation just after you send it or a monthly direct debit donation, the easiest way is to get in touch with your bank. For a donation that has already been made, we can organise a refund if you wish.
Do my donations qualify for Gift Aid?
If you are a UK resident and taxpayer, you are eligible for Gift Aid! Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by allowing us to reclaim the basic rate of tax (25%) on your gift at no extra cost to you.
How does my donation or the money I have raised make a difference?
Every donation, no matter how small, means the world to us here at AMAR.  It costs under $1 to provide an essential medical consultation to someone who has had little-to-no healthcare, so imagine what a slightly larger donation could do.
Why is regular giving important/ Do you prefer people to make regular gifts rather than one-off donations
We don’t prefer one over the other, but we actively encourage regular gifts as a way of ensuring your money continues to support our important work over a longer period of time. This not only supports us an organisation, but also supports the long term redevelopment of communities throughout Iraq.
Can I leave a gift to AMAR in my will?
Of course. We’re delighted to receive donations left to us as legacies, and any gift no matter how large or small makes a difference. We’d be happy to help you in any way we can.
I make a regular donation to AMAR. How can I change the amount I donate?

The best way to do this is through your bank. We can’t control the amount you give to us, but your bank can help you to increase or decrease your regular donation. Alternatively, if you’re paying through Virgin Money Giving, you can change this through the website.

What will you do with my details?
We will destroy any payment details you give us as soon as we have taken the payment. We will keep email/postal addresses on our system to keep you up to date on our work in the Middle East. If you would prefer not to be on our mailing list, just let us know.
What kind of cards do you accept?
We accept all kinds of debit and credit cards with the following logos: Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Maestro (Mastercard), American Express.
Where should I send a Check?

Send anything by post to Utah Friends of AMAR, PO box 901433, Sandy UT, 84090-1433



Is setting up a Direct Debit online secure?


It’s entirely secure, but if you would prefer to avoid using the online system, setting up a direct debit through your bank is very easy and very secure.

Is making a credit card donation online secure?

Make sure you’re on the correct site first, and try to use a secure computer whenever you can. Other than this, it’s a completely secure system.

Will I receive an acknowledgement of my gift?

Occasionally the sheer volume of donations can prevent us from acknowledging each individual donation, but we do try our best to get in touch with everyone who donates to us. We appreciate everyone’s support and, as a small charity, we try to keep the relationship between charity and supporter very close. If you donate online you should definitely receive acknowledgment through AMAR’s Virgin Money Giving page.


If you are a US resident and taxpayer, your donation to US Friends of AMAR is tax deductible (subject to limitations within the Internal Revenue Code). 501c3: 84-2076861


Did you know that even if you don’t itemize deductions on your federal income tax return, you can still take a deduction of up to $300 for cash donations made in 2020!  Under the CARES Act, part of the federal government’s pandemic relief program that passed in March 2020, you can deduct up to $300 for cash donations you make in 2020 when you file your tax return in the spring of 2021.  We hope you will consider AMAR in your giving efforts this year.”

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