Help Yazidi girls to escape darkness this christmas

Buy an AMAR Gift for your friends and relatives and help support AMAR’s #EscapingDarkness Appeal

Yazidi women and girls are in URGENT need of your help. 

Last summer, an estimated 5,000 women and girls were abducted by ISIS. Bought and sold like cattle in markets and kept as sex-slaves, they have witnessed unthinkable horrors at the hands of their captors. Girls – some as young as 9 – have been exposed to rape and torture on a daily basis, and many have been subjected to forced marriages.

Incredibly, some have managed to escape. But months of rape and abuse have left them scarred and traumatised. Flashbacks. Nightmares. Acute anxiety. Crippling depression. Suicide. “The images never leave my mind”, 21 year-old Bushra told AMAR. “I am deeply affected. I am alive, but it feels as if I might as well be dead.” 

For girls like Bushra, mental healthcare is a necessity – not a luxury. But with just a small handful of psychiatrists working in Northern Iraq, they are not receiving the treatment they so desperately need. The clock is ticking, and the longer they have to wait for treatment, the deeper their scars become. 

AMAR’s #EscapingDarkness Appeal is raising vital funds so that we can help girls to recover from their harrowing experiences and re-start their lives. The trauma they have faced will undoubtedly take years to overcome, but with your support, AMAR will be with them every step of the way.  

This year, buy an #EscapingDarkness Appeal gift for your friends and loved ones, and help us to provide Yazidi girls with a sense of hope. Select your gift, personalise it, and purchase via Paypal below – AMAR will email you a gift certificate to present on Christmas Day.


With expert psychological treatment, we can help Yazidi women and girls to rebuild their lives.   


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